We are a Rock & Roll band from Brazil and we’ve been releasing music together since 2018. From the very beginning we built our band on ideals of freedom, friendship and justice. Believing that everyone has a road to travel and a dream to follow, our lyrics aim at empowering people in their own stories. From our first EP, 2018’s The Demo Tapes, we wanted to show you it’s alright to believe in yourself. Our first album, 2019’s Roll Your Window Down, is an experience. We made it to be the perfect companion for a road-trip in the search for freedom. We made a live album, too, Ao Vivo no Release Showlivre, that marked the departure of our original drummer. The new backbeat brought a fresher perspective to our soundscape. After we had our shows canceled due to Covid-19, we had time to rethink our work and come up five new singles to help reestablish the band and share our values and goals with fans.

We're all friends who got together to follow a dream. We are: Pedro Nascente (vocals, guitars), Felipe Saul (guitars, synths, vocals), Chico Arias (bass, vocals), Matheus Caster (guitars, slides, vocals) and Conrad Fleck (drums, vocals). Our new music is Rock with emphasis on the Roll, spiced up with R&B, Indie, Folk and Pop. We want to make people dance, dude! Also, the journey we want you to take now is not on a physical highway, but on the road of life. We invite you to let your problems aside for a moment and just… let it roll.